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La Posta de los Toldos.

La Posta de Los Toldos is a refuge in the steppe deep Patagonian located in Cañadón Pinturas Portal, Parque Patagonia Circuit, 4 km from the entrance on National Route 40. The refuge offers everything you need to rest between the adventures of the portal: cozy common spaces, hot meals, a kitchen and stoves.

It has 9 rooms, in two categories, Standard and Superior.

La Posta is also a center for nature tourism activities, with guided outings, trekking and wildlife watching, and stars interpretation.

The Cañadón Pinturas Experience connects you to the wild nature of the Patagonian steppe.

The adventure begins by experiencing the spectacle offered by the native fauna through a network of over 16 kilometers of trails that travel across imposing cliffs, panoramic views of faraway mountain ranges, landscapes of vibrant colors and steep canyons.

9,300 years ago the first hunter-gatherers lived in these canyons and they depicted their daily life and the landscape with the cave art we can find in this protected area. They inhabited these canyons for over 7,000 years and left traces for us to follow and learn about their past whilst enjoying the colourful scenery”

These canyons are the same ones that inspired the first hunter-gatherers in the area to depict their lives through cave art during the seven thousand years they occupied the Cueva de las Manos, the Alero Charcamata, and other spots across the Cañadón Pinturas Portal.

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Hiking at the Cañadón Pinturas Portal

The Cañadón Pinturas Experience offers four public and free hiking trails.

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A local entrepreneurship invites you to discover the wild fauna of the Cañadón Pinturas Portal. Guanaco,
Wolffsohn's Mountain Viscacha, Pampas Cat and Cougar are some of the species that you will meet in depth.

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